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JManga, the digital manga provider, is now being updated regularly on Thursdays and Tuesdays. This week’s second set of additions includes the debut of Golgo 13 creator Takao Saito’s superhero manga Shadowman and the second volume of Recorder and Randsell, the latter receiving a recent anime adaptation.

Wider availability for several titles has been announced by JManga. Meme Higashiya’s Recorder and Randsell and Tae Sano’s Moritasan wa Mukuchi, which was previously only available in North America, can now be accessed internationally.

The Shadowman Vol. 1
Created by Takao Saito

Relish is an evil organization plotting world domination. The organization’s mad scientist Dr. Takizawa uses a cell-restructuring device on a young man named Katagiri in hopes of creating a superhuman, but the experiment is a failure. After fleeing the organization, Katagiri is astonished to find that when night falls, his whole body turns jet black and he gains incredible strength and the ability to jump to great heights! Now as Shadowman, Katagiri begins to fight against Relish.

Recorder and Randsell Vol. 2
Created by Meme Higashiya
Miyagawa Atsumi and her younger brother Atsushi are your typical siblings - she’s a high school sophomore dealing with exams, he’s a 5th grader who only wants to run off and
play with his friends. School is hard enough as it is, but things are even tougher for these two: Atsumi is so tiny she’s still mistaken for a little kid; while Atsushi is so tall people assume he’s a full-grown man! There are lots of laughs to be had as the Miyagawa kids’ awkward sizes make life more complicated…for them, and everyone else!