Whether you think it’s tragic or timely, the rumors about Bleach ending at its 366th episode have been confirmed by today’s online edition of Newtype Magazine. While the popular anime may still get a renaming and restart later on, the Japanese T.V. line-up has listed it as the last in the series. Do you think this anime was ready for its ending, or do you think it should have continued?

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  2. cheesecakereblogs answered: And I thought I’ll die with it. But seriously, I’m sort of glad it’s over. It had enough episodes & time to have a satisfying end.
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  4. jardim-cinzento answered: O DIRETOR POSTOU NO TWITTER QUE ”NÃO” VAI ACABAR
  5. rubyanarchy answered: I think it was ready, It’s gone on for so long, good anime though c:
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