Madhouse Creates Peanuts Anime Short!

Are Studio MADHOUSE and Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip coming together for a possible Charlie Brown anime short? It seems the answer is yes! Madhouse released a vague statement on their official site that stated that they have (or will be) producing a short animation of Peanuts characters. No other specific details about where it’s released or what it’ll be about were given, so we’ll keep an eye on for any further news!

Madhouse which has done previous collaborations with Marvels have produced anime for the western series X-Men, Iron Man, and Blade. They’re own work have also been hits with series like Black Lagoon, Cardcaptor Sakura and the Redline which had the chance to premiere in theaters in America as well. Stay tuned as we continue to update on information!

via. Crunchyroll

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